Friday, August 17, 2012


Hi guys.. i believe, right now some of you dh prepared for pulang ke kampung for hari raya.. Lately, i heard byk kes pecah rumah happened around my home area.. The lastest one was one of my collegue kene rompak mase nk p keje.. early morning you know.. yeahh.. anything can happen right?? anytime.. anywhere.. but we have to do something to avoid all this kind of thing happen to us.. there are some tips for us to follow...


  1. Do conduct last-minutes checks to ensure all your windows and doors are closed and securely locked.
  2. Do get your neighbour or a trusted friend to keep an eye on your property.  If possible, inform the police of your absence so that they can keep an eye on your home, and if you have a burgler alarm, let them know who was a spare key to your house. 
  3. Do make sure all electrical plug points have been switched off and unplugged.  If possible, leave the kitchen and porch lights on, or hook them up to a timer.
  4. Do leave your pet at a trusted care centre or with a friend if you are not bringing them along.
  5. Do cancel your newspaper subsription and inform the milkman to discontinue supply for the time you are away.
  1. Don't broadcast your travel plans on FACEBOOK, TWITTER or any other social media for public viewing.  The less information you reveal, the better.
  2. Don't leave cash or valuables at home. Either take them along with you or leave them in a safety deposit box at the bank.
  3. Don't leave any perishable food lying out and make sure your rubbish bins have been emptied. 


p/s : muKe aDe cEdih.. keTinggalLan Bus uNtuk pUlang ke Kampung... :'(

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