Thursday, November 1, 2012

ELeMents of GreaT coNverSatiOn...

In every relationship you need to communicate well to help you build the base of good relationship.. this is what happen to me for the last few month.. There is an inappropriate conversation between me and my BFF and we face with a serius argument.. urmm..

“Tidaklah sesat suatu kaum setelah mendapatkan hidayah untuk mereka, melainkan karena terlalu banyak berdebat.” (HR Ahmad dan Tirmidzi)

sabda Nabi Muhammad SAW: “Aku jamin rumah di dasar syurga bagi yang menghindari berdebat sekalipun ia benar, dan aku jamin rumah di tengah syurga bagi yang menghindari dusta walaupun dalam bercanda, dan aku jamin rumah di puncak syurga bagi yang baik akhlaqnya.” (HR Abu Daud)

I believe, if we want to improve our relationship we must speak from our heart, which means speaking what is really true for you.. no cheating keyhh.. if you improve your conversational approach, you would have better relationship.. trust me dear.. :-)

You have to start your conversation in the right direction.. there are some tips to follow :-

  • INTERESTING ..... The amount of mental preparation we put into a conversation is mostly inversely productive to the quality of the conversation..

  • FLUIDITY....... Great conversation should not be hard work to keep going! Natural conversationalists are not afraid of an awkward silence or pause. They take the ebb and flow in strides.

  • FUN....... When you are confident, you will not be thinking or worrying too much about it but start having fun and genuinely begin to enjoy interacting with others and get reciprocating feeling from everyone else.

  • MEANING........ Great conversations need to be meaningful. It simply means there must to be a sense of mutual sharing of oneself in conversation. It need not be a mind-blowing revelation or a deep dark secreat. Even humour is personal.

  • PURPOSE........ Without purpose there is no sense of direction. All great conversationalists have a purpose in their speech.

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