Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A NeW gEneRation of MeSSAging...

Hey guys.. hoW r U?? hope u are doing fine.. :-) .. hey, I want to share some info.. lately I notices that my budget for "topup" no longer above RM30.. Yippy!!!... happy bout that.. but I wonder how it happen?? Maybe because of my smartphone application.. eceh3.. hehehe.. Currently, one of the popular methods for doing so is through mobile messaging apps.. do you agree with me??? these apps have helped users overcome some of the problems they had faces previously with voice call or SMS.. you can use all those apps for free as long as you have a data connection..

However, the decision on which app to use doesn't seem to be a difficult for me.. hehehehe.. I will use the apps that helps me reach the most number of people.. Maybe some of you will have more that one app so that you can connect with friends in other countries and communities..

Have you heard about WhatsApp?? WeChat??Line??Viber??FB Messenger??Skype?? I think all the apps that I mentioned above u guys familiar right??

I believe all of you have your own selected apps to use.. Based on research conducted 62% Malaysian like to use WhatsApp because maybe of their contacts are using it.. 22% FB Messenger.. Line 12%.. 4% others (viber,google hangout,BBM,Wechat, Kakao Chat).. Now lets compare your apps:-

Image : by Star..

For me I prefer WeChat because most of my friends are on this app, regardless of whether they are iphone, Adroid, Blackberry or Windows Mobile Users.. I especially like the group chat function as well as the video, photo and location sharing capabilities.. that's why my voted goes to "WeChat" as it is available for FREE.. hehehe...

Lastly, I believe all those messaging apps it makes us staying in touch so much easier.. it fits the lifestyle of our circle of contacts as we have our own plans, but still want to stay in touch at our convenience...


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